• Welcome to Jumpstart Kids, New York Summer 2017

    We're excited to offer ENTREPRENEURSHIP and CREATIVITY inspiring summer workshops for kids ages 8-15 in Park Slope. We have several workshops in July and August.

    • Creating a book, a 3-Week Program in July and August 2017. For kids 9-14. It'll be available at Park Slope shops and will support a charity of kids choice.  Last year the kids wrote a book, got it crowdfunded, had a book signing and raised money for an animal charity. It was incredible experience! Take a look at our gallery from last year, below.
    • Upcycling & Blogging for Kids, a 2-Day Program in July and August 2017. For kids 8-12. Get inspired by entrepreneurs that create upcycled products, and make your own! This year we will be working with old frames to create jewelry and photograph holders. We'll also be meet upcycling entrepreneurs and blogging about our learnings. Look at some examples below.
    • Meet Local Entrepreneurs, a half-day program. For kids 11-15. Visit local coworking spaces and speak to entrepreneurs that are creating incredible things. Learn to interview them and blog about the experience.

    The programs run from 1/2 a day to multiple weeks and are meant for kids ages 8-14. In each workshop, kids are presented with fun, hands-on challenges that encourage creative problem solving, teamwork, entrepreneurship, and innovation. They will meet with entrepreneurs, learn to blog and more! The classes are taught in Central and South Park Slope after 1PM in July and August.


    Jumpstart Kids was originally founded in Hong Kong by an American-entrepreneur who has since returned to US with her family and excited to run this program in her new home, Brooklyn.

  • Workshops

    More details on the three workshops we're running in Park Slope this Summer

    Creating a book for Kids, a 3-Week Program in July and August 2017. For kids 9-14

    Learn how to brainstorm new product ideas and create a product from start to finish, as well as blogging, crowdfunding, getting the product into local stores and videography. All the money raised will benefit a charity of kids choice! Check out highlights from the program we ran last summer, below.


    JULY PROGRAM (3 weeks)

    • Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 1-3:30PM 
    • July 10, 12, 14, 17, 19, 21, 24, 26, 28

    AUGUST PROGRAM (3 weeks)

    • Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 1-3:30PM 
    • August 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 18, 21, 23, 25


    • Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store (in their beautiful classroom at the back). 372 5th Avenue, Park Slope, between 5 and 6th Streets.


    • $750 USD / $100 off for sibling or friend
    • $600 Early Bird Rate, deadline April 15, 2017

    Upcycling & Blogging for Kids, a 2-Day Program in July and August 2017. For kids 8-12

    So much stuff is discarded everyday! Old furniture, bottles, frames, clothes, books etc. Clever entrepreneurs have used it to their advantage to create "upcycled" products that generate revenue while giving these objects a second life. Meet a local upcycled entrepreneur to learn about their business and visit Big Reuse in Gowanus, a place provides affordable second-life building material for architects and artists in New York. Kids will also have a chance to create their own useful upcycled project in class. We'll be upcycling old photo frames to create jewelry holding frames and/or polaroid or small photo holding frames. See photos below. All materials provided.



    • $125, all materials included / $25 off for sibling/friend
    • $95 Early Bird Rate, deadline April 15, 2017


    • July 18 and 20, 1 - 4PM


    • August 8 and 10, 1 - 4PM


    • Giocare: 655 6th Avenue. Corner of 18th (South Park Slope)

    Meet Local Entrepreneurs, a half-day program. For kids 9-14

    Kids will visit one of the local coworking spaces (Gowanus or Prospect Heights or other ones in the area) that houses entrepreneurs from various fields. They will sit down with a few of them to learn about their business, ask questions, and blog about them online. Snacks and drinks provided. This is a great introduction into the world of entrepreneurship and blogging.



    • $65, includes snacks/drinks, $10 off for sibling/friend
    • $50 Early Bird Rate, deadline April 15, 2017


    • July 13, 1 - 5PM


    • August 15, 1-5PM


    • Meet at designated coworking space in Park Slope & Surrounding Neighborhoods
  • Our Past Workshop

    Check out what Jumpstart Kids did last summer!

    We Learned

    The workshop started with getting inspired by successful kid entrepreneurs. We decided our project would be a book and spent time brainstorming ideas. Once we finalized the idea, it was time to start writing, blogging, learning about image copyrights, working with illustrators and book layouts.

    We Met with Entrepreneurs

    We had four guest entrepreneurs who shared their stories about how/why they got started and we got to play with their products / and or learn from them.

    We Successfully Crowdfunded our Project!

    We raised 170% of our crowdfunding goal and got our book into the hands of kids and parents around the globe! The project helped raise money for an animal charity we chose.

    We held a book-signing party!

    So exciting to see our product in an actual book store. The kids met with buyers, signed copies of the book and talked about the project with other kids and parents.

  • Testimonials

    "Last summer I went to Jumpstart Kids in Hong Kong. We published a lovely book called "How To Be A Good Babysitter". Overall I had a fantastic time with Jumpstart Kids and met some new friends. I learnt how to have great etiquette, how to be a writer and how to have good teamwork. We had to chose a charity for homework and we all ended up suggesting Hong Kong Dog Rescue, a non profit making charitable organization for abandoned dogs. We also tried to find sponsors for the project. After the book was published from the publisher we did book signing to give to our friends and family. The course was excellent and I really enjoyed it!" -Natasha Grabner, Participant, 9 years old


    "Yana put together an engaging, educational and fun programme for young entrepreneurs in the making. The goal to write, publish and fund a book on a topic that the children would need to identify, research and market, was a challenge that the Jumpstart Kids took on with great enthusiasm. It was a privilege to be part of this programme, co-teach with Yana and follow them all the way to the book signing day." Regina Larko, Co-Teacher for Jumpstart Kids Hong Kong, Host & Producer, #impact Podcast. For book signing audio, listen here and here. "


    "I was a guest instructor for Jumpstart Kids in Hong Kong. I taught the children essential business etiquette, including how to shake hands and how to give and receive business cards. I was impressed by Yana Robbins' boundless energy and passion for bringing entrepreneurialism to school-aged children. Her commitment was borne out by their project: a book about how to babysit young children. Not only did she guide them through the process of generating the ideas and marketing it - she arranged a book signing and arranged for it to be distributed in local bookshops! Yana embodies the spirit of startups and I'm delighted that she's bringing it to the children of New York City." Bernice Lee, Director, www.eli-asia.com


    "What a great idea to teach and train the young ones with something relevant and useful. Natasha entered the course not knowing what really to expect. However, after the first day and for the duration of the course I had a very excited child, telling my wife and I everyday the ideas her group had for their project, how they implemented ideas and how they will raise enough money to have the book published and sold at the bookstore. An essential for the young Generation Z's where they learn idea generation, implementation, crowdfunding and project management skills." -Heinrich Grabner, parent


    "Yana saw the need in the market for kids to experience the entrepreneurial journey and launched the Jumpstart Kids summer programme. She quickly recognized the amazing creativity and focus of the kids and reached out to run a crowdfunding campaign. In the space of two weeks the Jumpstart Kids team, coached by Yana, had prepared a campaign with their story, video and example product and then went and got it crowdfunded in 48 hours on nextchapter.com.hk! An amazing effort! It really shows the level of focus and drive that Yana brings to everything she does." Nicole Denholder, founder of www.nextchapter.com.hk, a crowdfunding platform for women. Check out our crowdfunding campaign.



  • Program Founder

    Yana Robbins

    Yana brings 15+ years of expertise in the fields of e-commerce, marketing and design. Over the years she's started several entrepreneurial ventures in US and internationally starting with an exotic fruit meetup & fruit catering company, a craft business, photography for good causes and a marketing consulting agency.


    For the past 5-years she resided in Hong Kong where she founded of Jumpstart Magazine, Hong Kong's first print and online startup publication launched in 2014. In a few short years (all while becoming a new mom) Jumpstart has grown to become a well known magazine in Hong Kong's rapidly expanding startup community. She also founded Jumpstart Kids Hong Kong which successfully ran it's first program last summer, crowdfunding 170% for their project and raising money for charity.


    She's excited to work with kids this summer and inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs!

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